Biomedical Signal and Systems group

People involved:
Monique Tabak, PhD – Project Coordination, Coaching Expert
Miriam Vollenbroek-Hutten, Prof. – Telemedicine Expert
Frederiek de Vette, MSc. – Researcher and game developer

Human Media Interaction group

People involved:
Randy Klaassen, PhD – Researcher and developer of interactive playground
Robby van Delden, PhD –¬†Researcher and developer of interactive playground


People involved:
Miriam Cabrita, MSc. – Researcher and developer of mobile application
Dennis Hof, MSc. – Development of mobile application


Medische Spectrum Twente

People involved:
Boony Thio, PhD, MD – Expertise in asthma control, patients recruitment
Marjolein Brusse-Keizer, PhD. – Epidemiologist
Mattienne van der Kamp, BSc. – Support in evaluation
Pascal Keijzer, BSc. –¬†Support in evaluation


Ziekenhuisgroup Twente

People involved:
Jean Driessen, MD. – Expertise in asthma and movement, patient involvement
Ellen van der Gaag, MD – Expertise in asthma control, patient recruitment